Display Signs

What Are Pavement Signs?

Pavement signs are affordable and efficient outdoor display solutions for gaining the attention of passing crowds and enticing potential customers into your business. They can be set up immediately outside your immediate premises, on pavements, in car parks, or other places which benefit from high footfall.

Many industries use pavement signs to market their brand, promote offers, advertise sales, and much more. As advertising and marketing tools, they are very cost effective – especially compared to more expensive options such as digital display – and require little to no maintenance.


What Makes Snap Frames Pavement Signs Different?

The most common form of pavement swing sign has its graphics printed directly onto the panel itself. As a result, you have the hassle and cost of printing a new panel whenever you need to change the information on your sign.

Snap Frames wanted to make things easier for our customers, which is why our snap frame pavement signs are so popular. Boasting a front opening design, each side of the sign frame is spring loaded so that they can be snapped open in a matter of seconds – quick and efficient. Updating your graphics has never been easier or faster, an important facility when time is money and business can depend on seasonality and daily changes.


Durable, Reliable, and Affordable

Our cheap pavement signs are very sturdy, built to withstand the elements and offer all-day advertising and marketing opportunities for your business. The steel springs connecting the poster frame to the base help to make the sign more dynamic and therefore avoid damage in windy conditions.

A heavy base unit keeps the structure upright and stable – simply fill with water and you’re ready to go. An anti-glare PVC cover ensures that your graphic can be seen at all times and isn’t obstructed by bright glares on sunny days.

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